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Why Most Brands Buy Instagram Shoutouts The Wrong Way

buy instagram shoutouts

Instagram is arguably the best marketing channel available right now. Industry professionals estimate that for every dollar of advertising revenue a brand puts in, Instagram shoutouts and promotions generate a return of six dollars. It’s easy to see why Instagram is such a popular platform for both influencers and advertisers. Instagram shoutouts and promotions are a […]

Watch Out! Why Instagram’s Promotion Guidelines Matter

instagram promotion guidelines

The contemporary business world is teeming with success stories of companies using Instagram influencers to promote their brands. One of the most popular strategies for leveraging the power of Instagram is to run promotions. An Instagram promotion is generally a relatively inexpensive marketing campaign that has the potential to gain mass exposure for your business. Curious […]

How to Find Instagram Influencers Without Getting Burned

how to find instagram influencers

There are few things more powerful in the world of social media than an influencer. If a person’s voice is their greatest asset, an influencer’s voice is like a mega phone – blasting a message into the world in a way that people just can’t look away from. Unfortunately, for many business professionals, building a […]

Use These 3 Successful Instagram Giveaway Ideas to Grow Your Brand

instagram giveaway ideas

Instagram giveaways are a battle-tested way to leverage influencers to grow your brand. But to stand out, you’ll need to get creative with your giveaway ideas and marketing campaigns on the social network. Nothing kickstarts the imagination quite like inspiration, so we’ve collected some innovative and successful Instagram giveaway campaigns to serve as ideas for […]

How to Advertise on Instagram The Simple Way

how to advertise on instagram

Instagram is a vibrant social networking community where both influential people and everyday users post images using mobile devices for an intimate storytelling photo-stream. Artists of all kinds — from prominent Internet personalities to fashion models — and all sorts of other people use the photo-sharing site to solidify their brand and reach an audience […]

What Is An Instagram Influencer Network?

instagram influencer network

Instagram influencer networks have rapidly ascended to the top of the brand social marketing pyramid. The value of these networks is, at this point, nearly indisputable: in a recent study, every dollar the average brand spent on Instagram influencer network advertising returned $6.50 to their pockets. But what, exactly, is an Instagram influencer network? It’s […]

Top 5 Instagram Tools to Grow Your Brand

Tools to Help Your Brand Grown On Instagram

Top 5 Instagram Tools to Grow Your Brand If you’ve started an Instagram campaign to help grow your brand, congratulations! You’ve taken an important step toward developing and maintaining a strong social media presence.  Unfortunately, getting your Instagram account to grow can prove to be a bit of a challenge. With the size of the […]

Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Statistics and Facts

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 8.46.17 PM

      Instagram has been here for five whole years of vast expansion, and yet it’s still viewed as a platform to show the internet what you’re eating. We think it’s time to put that stereotype to rest. The only way to put the outdated opinion to rest is to provide inarguable, undeniable truth. […]

The Art and Science of Instagram Marketing

The Art & Science of

The How to Market on Instagram Guide for Brands Establishing an Instagram presence can be challenging. It’s not as simple as just creating an account and posting pictures. Marketing your brand on Instagram is both an art and a science. A proper marketing plan is critical to increasing your odds of success. So how do […]

SmartViral Launch to Revolutionize Brands’ Instagram Presence


At 4.21%, brand engagement rates are higher on Instagram than on any other social media platform. When I first heard this fact, my mind was blown. Upon further review, I learned that Instagram delivered brands 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more engagement per follower than Twitter. My perception of […]